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I believe in good food that’s good for you and good people; this is why I’m so enthusiastic about Sabrosa, and why I’m proud to be part of the team. As a Sabrosa customer, I’m sure you’ll agree that the food is delicious and satisfying. But you may not know the behind-the-scenes reasons why it’s truly a wellness-oriented restaurant.

Check Out My 5 Reasons

Amazing ingredient sourcing

Sabrosa is committed to making fare from the highest quality ingredients, which include natural, grass fed, hormone free, local, and organic products, as conditions allow. Both the black and pinto beans are always organic, and organic beverages are also available. In addition, Sabrosa’s chef and owner have relationships with local farmers, and prioritize sourcing just-harvested, in-season farm fresh produce as the seasons allow.

From-scratch cuisine

With the exception of some beverages, gelato, and select ingredients everything on the menu is made in house, including the salsas, guacamole, soups, salad dressing, veggies, rice, beans, and meat. Don’t you love knowing that?

Vegan options

Whether you’re vegan, or simply trying to eat more plant-based foods, Sabrosa offers many delicious, nutrient-rich choices, including homemade vegan soups. And because the beans, rice, tortillas, taco shells, and veggies are all vegan, any salad, burrito, bowl, or taco meal can be made vegan – just omit the meat, cheese, and sour cream, add tofu if desired, and enjoy a dollop of delectable guacamole! Sabrosa also has plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options available!!

Community and charitable programs

Each month Sabrosa has been open for business, they have raised money on behalf of a local charity - in total over $9,000 dollars since July of 2014. As a way of giving back to both the community and customers, Sabrosa doubles the ticket amount of the first 100th customer. This money is set aside for a worthy charity, then all of the 100th customers are invited back for a free meal, as a thank you for their business, and reminder of the funds they helped raise. In addition, instead of accepting personal tips for employees, any tips collected are put towards the charity of the month. Amazing.

Nutrition and wellness focus

In addition to making the menus nutritional analysis available, Sabrosa partnered with me, to provide nutrition, fitness, and wellness tips and info every month, in the store, and via social media. Few restaurants have made such a solid commitment to making their customers’ health a priority. And as part of the team, I’m here to be a resource to you. Send me your questions, and I’ll respond to them in upcoming Q&As. Until then, be well, and keep on making those healthy choices!